Chiho SATO was born in Fukushima, Japan in 1985. After graduating “Tama Art University” in TOKYO in 2007, she made an early start in her directing career at “CYCLOIMAGE”, a production company based in TOKYO. As a director, Chiho made more than 50 documentaries on bicycle races, including 6 features of 60 min broadcasted on main Japanese TV channels (NHK, BS-TBS). In 2010, she came to France to study the language. Eventually, she began to work as Camera Assistant, Photographer Assistant, and Shooting Coordinator for Japanese productions in PARIS. Now she is ready to develop her own projects. First of all “FUKUSHIMA : silent voices”. Then documentary series focusing on the relationship between FRANCE and JAPAN culture.

15272023_1708262426156013_6816028393146255001_o  CO-DIRECTOR

Lucas RUE studied in ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle), a famous film school in PARIS.  After his graduation in 2006, he worked on more than 60 films (Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, TV Shows and Feature Films as Director, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Cameraman and Gaffer. He also assisted American acting coaches for a while (Susan BATSON and Bob Mc ANDREW). In 2008, these experiences led him to become an Acting Coach himself at “L’Entrée des Artistes” an actors school directed by Olivier BELMONDO. In 2013, he co-founded a film production company named Nautéin prod

15502935_10155595858314897_2117013236_o FRENCH NARRATIVE VOICE

Maiko VUILLOD is a french japanese actress. After many experiences on stage since 1999, she created her own company Compagnie La Grue Blanche to mix theatre, danse and music. She works for the cinema too, her most amazing experience was « Nectar » a short film of Lucile Hadzihalilovic. She has just finished the shooting of a japanese french web serie directed by Tshukuha Niwano « un demi ». Maiko’s Website

rei-watanabe-headshot ENGLISH NARRATIVE VOICE

Rei WATANABE is an actress, singer and dancer from Hyogo, Japan. She graduated from East 15 Acting School (MA in Acting) in the U.K. in 2016. She just moved to Paris where she currently works in theatre and films. Rei and her partner sets up their own theatre and film company called ‘Sakura no Ki no Shita’ (under the cherry blossoms). They are now working on ‘Wild Child and Ballerina’, a physical theatre play they will premiere at the 2017 edition of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Didier Ducau aka Fegender is a Music producer and composer. He lives in the beautiful Canton Ticino in the South of Switzerland. Born in France in 1961, he studied piano as a child and started to play in several bands in 1977 as a keyboard player. He has always been fascinated by technology serving Music and at that time it was all about analog synthesizers. Then MIDI came and he discovered the possibility of composing alone for a whole band or orchestra. That became his reason to live. Since then he’s composing, arranging, producing and recording music in a great variety of styles: pop, rock, orchestral, etc. He has composed for several projects for TV, Internet and short movies as well as Production Music. Listen the OST here


Corentin Masson is a french drawer/illustrator who enjoys to give life to his work with motion design. Formed in Art School (ENSA Limoges) and graphics school (LISAA Paris) he is also video editor and mix naturally his illustrations to audiovisual works. He edit many educational projects, in partiular for the university of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and looks for each production the carity of a effective drawing.                                                        That’s in this spirit he edit the animate introduction of the documentary « Fukushima, the silent voices ».





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